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DOB: 16 February 2020

Azana 2.JPG
CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube Photo Credit S

            Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals          X          CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube

Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals and CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube welcomed 4 beautiful

kittens, a silver lynx girl, a silver lynx boy, and 2 silver mink boys on September 1, 2020.

All kittens from this litter have found their perfect homes.

Hemingway is the first born of this litter. He is a seal silver mink spotted tabby. Hemingway was the first to find interest and eat raw. He has large arrowhead rosettes and was born with this beautiful pattern. He has nice puffy whisker pads and gorgeous aqua eyes. Hemingway is a character and quite affectionate.  SOLD

Christie is a female seal silver mink spotted tabby. She has exceptional pattern flow, amazing eyes, great ear shape and placement, puffy whisker pads and spotted legs. Her back is all spotted, meaning she does not have a dorsal stripe. She also has a nice thick medium tail. Christie is a bit vain and enjoys "checking herself out" in the mirror. She also enjoys watching television and getting her pets in. Christie was the second born and the second interested in raw. SOLD

Austen is a female seal silver lynx spotted tabby. She developed a nice pattern flow when her spots came in. She has a nice ear shape and placement, nice puffy whisker pads, round eyes, a thick medium tail, and the strongest chin of this litter. Austen doesn't mind playing with her siblings, however she prefers to play by herself and do her own thing. She loves getting attention and being pet. She was the 3rd born kitten of this litter and the 3rd kitten interested in raw. SOLD

Carroll is a male seal silver mink spotted tabby. He has nice arrowhead rosettes and a spotted back with no dorsal stripes. His ears are a great shape, his whisker pads are nice and puffy, his eyes are round, and his chin is strong. He also has great nose leather, like his father. Carroll also enjoys watching the television and hanging out to get his pets in. He was the 4th and final kitten of this litter and the 4th kitten interested in raw. SOLD

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