About Us


Hello! My name is Monique Peden and I own Sierra NV Bengals with my husband, Brent. Brent and I both serve in the military and we absolutely love animals. Sierra NV Bengals is a small, in-home cattery. Our focus is to breed quality cats with exceptional bloodlines and amazing temperament. Sierra NV Bengals is a TICA registered cattery. We are located in Carson City, NV, 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe and 30 minutes from Reno. We are also members of Verified Bengal Breeders (VBB).




In 2018, when researching the perfect Bengals that I wanted to restart my breeding with, I found Meghan Waals of Elysian Bengals in North Carolina and Lori and Beth Bearry of SimplyBlessed Bengals in California. I have some amazing mentors with so much knowledge and involvement in all aspects of the Bengal, from genetics and outcross, cat shows and championships, and the support they offer in the breeding program I am trying to achieve. I am very blessed to have the mentors that I have and building the friendships with these amazing breeders.


First Bengal


The obsession we have with the Bengal breed started in 2008 when my husband wanted me to have a four-legged companion when he would be out of town for military obligations. We picked up a beautiful seal mink marble female we named Espoir (Hope in French). She had so much attitude and sass, but we loved her for it. She also had so much glitter that she literally sparkled all over.


The Second Bengal


In 2009, I picked up my first male Bengal, a tri-colored brown marble, we named Jobin. While Espoir was sassy and not interested in attention unless she wanted it, Jobin was full of love and craved attention. Jobin earned the hearts of many.


Why Bengals?


Bengals are such an intelligent, beautiful, graceful, athletic, unique, and full of personality breed. They are confident, interactive, and more dog-like that once you have a Bengal in your life, you wouldn't want to have any other breed. 


Why breeding? 


The Bengal is such an amazing breed that we decided that we want to share our love of Bengals with others. There are so many unique characteristics of the Bengal that make them beautiful and amazing. The details, love, and dedication that it takes to breed the goal Bengal is time-consuming and costly, but it is so worth it. 

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