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SierraNV Pop The Bubbly

"Cristal" RESERVED


Born April 6, 2023


Cristal was intended to be our keeper girl out of Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals (Azana) and CH SimplyBlessed Gallant Knight. Cristal is a seal silver spotted lynx (tabby) point with a soft coat, large nocturnal eyes, and amazing muzzle. Cristal is very shy and timid, but loves to play when the toys come out. She chirps her pleasure when she gets pets, which happens to be really cute. She does well being handled by judges at cat shows, but her shy personality takes her a while to warm up. 

Because of her shy and timid personality, I think she would do best in a home as an only pet so she can properly bond with her people. If other pets are in the household, she would prefer to bond with that pet.

HCM screened: Not of age yet

pK-Def tested: N/N 

PRA-b test: N/N

Color Tested:  Apb/A, E/E, B/B, cs/cs, D/D, I/I

Marble Tested by Christopher Kaelin of Stanford University: Ta^M/Ta^M (pure for spotting)

Genetic Diversity: 35%

COI: 19.8% via Bengal-Data

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