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BastetExotics Whiskey Lullaby

"Paisley" Retired- RESERVED


Born February 7, 2021


Paisley joined Sierra NV Bengals on June 25, 2021. She is a gorgeous and extremely soft seal mink spotted (tabby). She has large, beautiful rosettes, nice round eyes and small ears. She is shy, but very sweet and loves to lay down for belly rubs. Paisley also carries a copy of the long hair gene. Paisley loves to run on the cat wheel and get pets from those she is comfortable with.

Thank You Sonu for this beautiful girl! 

HCM screened: Normal on 10/7/2022 by Dr. Lori Siemens

pK-Def tested: N/N

PRA-b test: N/N

Color Tested:  A/a, E/E, B/B, cb/cs, D/D, i/i 

Marble Tested by Christopher Kaelin of Stanford University: Ta^M/Ta^M (Pure for Spotting)

Genetic Diversity: 34%

COI: 24.7% via Bengal-Data

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