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Sierra NV Bengals is a small T.I.C.A. registered cattery located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Carson City, NV. Our cats are raised in our home with our 4 dogs. They are handled by adults and occasionally children. 


Bengals are an intelligent and active breed that requires plenty of stimulation and enrichment. Our setup includes an indoor stud enclosure and a separate cat room. Our female primary free roams until she is due with kittens. The cat room consists of cat trees, climbing shelves, a cat wheel, and toys. We plan on adding outdoor enclosures with additional housing to protect from the elements and predators. 


We conduct our genetic health testing for PRA-b, PK Def, coat color, length, and other genetic diseases and traits for all of our cats and kittens via Optimal Selection. UC Davis is another reliable source to test for PRA- b, PK Def, coat color, and length. We also test for Marble carriers and Pure For Spotting patterns through Dr. Chris Kaelin at Stanford University. Our breeding cats are screened annually for HCM.

Cat Room
Stud Enclosure
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