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Purchasing a Kitten



Sierra NV Bengals are raised, socialized and loved in our own home until they are of a suitable age to go to their new home (no earlier than 12 weeks). They will have been completely weaned, eating a healthy raw diet, and be litter box trained before arriving to your home. Sierra NV Bengals strives in breeding our Bengals to TICA standard with the best health, genetics, and temperament. 


You are welcome to place a down payment on kittens that are available or join our Waiting List. 


Each kitten will leave Sierra NV Bengals with a 72-hour health guarantee. Each kitten will also be screened for PK-Def, PRA-b, and be color tested.

Kitten will come with the following:

- TICA registration

- 5 generation pedigree (not certified)

- Optimal Selection (or UC Davis) results

- Spayed/neutered

- Age appropriate vaccinations

- Microchipped

- 1 month of free (waived) Trupanion insurance

- "So You Want to Raw Feed Your Cat" by Meghan Waals book

- Approximately 1 weeks worth of raw food

- Receiving blanket with scents from home

- Toys/teaser wands




Sierra NV Bengals are priced based on many factors such as Breed Standard Confirmation, color and pattern as well as temperament/personality in addition to the costs that are required to care for and raise these beautiful babies. Effective February 17, 2023 all sales are subject to Carson City sales tax (7.6%).

Pet Prices
Browns $2500+

Snows $2500+

Silvers $2700+

Early Generation $4000+

Show/Breeder Prices

**Please inquire**


*Prices can increase or decrease as breeder seems fit (until a kitten is reserved with a deposit) to reflect increases in operating costs to raise the kittens, changes in quality of kittens etc.


**Breeder reserves the right to keep a kitten for their program before offering them to the waitlist.



- 10% to military/veterans and first responders 

- 10% multi-kitten discount is also offered to customers who purchase two or more kittens.

- 10% discount for returning customers.

*proof of military/veteran and first responder status required to receive discount. DO NOT send me documents with PII or scan or send photos of your military ID or CAC. It is ILLEGAL in accordance with Title 18, US Code Part I, Chapter 33, Section 701. Proof can be shown through FaceTime or other video conferencing methods.



Prospective owners are encouraged to fill out a Kitten Application. You will be contacted either way, but IF approved a $200 non-refundable down payment will add you to our waiting list. When we have a kitten that fits your criteria we will contact you. At this time, you will generally have 48 hours to accept or decline the kitten. If you decline you will keep your place on the waiting list and be contacted again later when another kitten that fits your criteria is available OR you may request to be removed from our waiting list. 

Our waiting list is contacted FIRST before kittens are offered to the public. We will go in the order that applications are accepted and based on the criteria that is available per the application.


Placing a down payment


After accepting a kitten we request to read, ask questions and sign our contract so we are on the same page. Once signed, a remaining $300 non-refundable down payment will be placed to reserve the pet kitten. A remaining $500 non-refundable down payment will be placed to hold a show/breeder quality kitten. The kitten cannot be offered or sold to anyone else and the price can not increase or decrease. If you decided you no longer want the kitten the down payment can be applied to another kitten. 

Sierra NV Bengals reserves the right to cancel a deposit or sale at which time a full refund or a deposit transfer will be given. If the buyer cancels, the deposit can only be transferred to another kitten.




Pet Quality

Pet quality refer to kittens that have an odd pattern, irregular head type, such as a nose dip or large ears, lockets or anything such as a tail kink. This does not mean the kitten is unhealthy or that it anything is wrong with its temperament. In many cases they are kittens that are just not being sold to a breeder or a cattery and they actually make amazing companions.


Show/Breeder Quality

This cat is one that exemplifies the breed standard or comes very close to it with characteristics that have great potential for advancing the breed. They also have great temperaments and are in excellent health.



This kitten is no longer available and already has a home.


Under Evaluation

This kitten is still developing and is awaiting a final classification


This kitten is pending reservation


This kitten will be joining our breeding program

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