Azana x Ice Cube

Litter Born 9/1/2020

The NeverEnding Story litter




Falkor is a male seal silver mink spotted tabby. He has good spotted pattern that are developing into nice arrowhead rosettes. His back is spotted and does not contain any dorsal stripes. He has round eyes and some nice puffy whisker pads and may even inherit his dad's nose leather. Such a cute nose! Falkor was the largest kitten at birth and remains the largest. Falkor enjoys naps more than his siblings. He doesn't mind napping by himself or with others. He talks to me when waking from naps or when he is just relaxing. He also enjoys back/butt scratches. Falkor also doesn't mind being held and cuddled. His favorite toys are feather toys, toy mice, and the original cat dancer.  AVAILABLE

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