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Eleanor Tribute Litter

DOB: 28 March 2023

CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube Photo Credit S

                     GRC JustWild Golden Moonlight         X          CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube

GRC JustWild Golden Moonlight and CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube welcomed 6 beautiful

kittens (unfortunately one didn't make it); Three boys and two girls on March 28, 2023.

Kittens will be made available to waiting list first. Pictures to come.

Leo is a male silver spotted tabby with a beautiful pattern and excellent flow. He has a broken tabby "M," puffy whisker pads, amazing nose, strong chin, and nice round eyes. His head is amazing. He has spots down his legs and no rib bars. He is such a sweet boy and will often fall asleep on my leg.



Lenny is a male silver spotted tabby with larger rosettes and an excellent head. He has a nice profile and amazing muzzle. He also has nice round eyes. Lenny is a sweet little guy that likes to get pets and get kisses. Lenny is also an expert napper, I will often find him on my bed or in one of the cat trees catching z's.​



Elle is a female silver spotted tabby. She has an amazing head with large round eyes and a strong chin. She has puffy whisker pads and a great nose. She has a larger pattern but with great flow and no rib bars. She also has an amazing rosetted tail. Elle has an adventurous personality and will bolt out of the enclosure. She likes to play with her siblings and teaser wands.




Nora is a female silver spotted tabby with an amazing head, large round eyes, great muzzle, straight profile, strong chin, small ears. She has an amazing pattern and flow with no rib bars, spotted back, and a rosetted tail. I just love everything about this girl. Nora is adventurous and a climber. She loves climbing the enclosure, playing, and will often sleep in my lap along with her brother Leo.



Ren is a male silver spotted tabby with a larger rosetted pattern. He has a great head with large round eyes and an amazing muzzle. He has a strong chin, puffy whisker pads, and great nose leather. He also has a nice spotted back. Ren marches to the beat of his own drum and while he likes playing with his siblings, he doesn't mind his own company either. He loves to take naps in my lap and get the pets and scratches.



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