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DOB: 8 May 2022

Azana 2.JPG
CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube Photo Credit S

            Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals          X          CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube

Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals and CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube welcomed the 4 beautiful

kittens; four silver mink girls on May 8, 2022.

Kittens will be made available to waiting list first. Pictures to come.

Iris is a female seal silver mink spotted tabby. She has an amazing pattern flow already with spotted legs. I think her paws are getting spots too! She also has small ears! She is the first born and the quietest of the litter. Iris has a laid back and calm demeanor. She loves to play with all the toys and enjoys being pet. She will greet you at the door to be picked up and loved on (but not for long). She gets along with other cats and dogs. She would do well in a home with other companion pets, with responsible children, or in an adult home where she would get all of the attention. She is a very sweet girl. Reserved

Hyacinth is a female seal silver mink spotted tabby. She also has good pattern flow. She was the first to leave the safety of the nest and the first to eat raw. She is adventurous and daring. She is playful, the first to greet you, and just has a boisterous personality. She is also weaned on raw, survived her first couple nail trims and 2 picture days. Sold

Azalea is a female seal silver mink spotted tabby. She has a large pattern and more acreage between her spots. She is the third born and the largest of the litter. She has been vocal from birth and was quite the drama queen for her first picture day. She is likes to play and is an on her terms type of cat- meaning she likes attention and to be pet on her terms only. She protests being picked up and held. She doesn't mind other cats and dogs and would do best in a home with another pet companion. She has been spayed and is ready to go.  Reserved

Alstroemeria is a female seal silver mink spotted tabby. She also has great pattern flow and spotted legs and a strong chin. She is the last born but is quite the character already. She is playful, somewhat adventurous, but also on the quieter side (not very vocal). She is also eating raw (loves it). She is more vocal when she eating her raw. LOL. She has also survived her first couple nail trims and picture days. Sold

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