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DOB: 27 August 2021

Azana 2.JPG
CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube Photo Credit S

            Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals          X          CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube

Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals and CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube welcomed 3 beautiful

kittens; two silver mink boys and a silver lynx boy on August 27, 2021.

Kittens will be made available to waiting list first. Pictures to come.

Athos (now SierraNV Cold As Ice aka Mick) is a male seal silver mink spotted tabby. He has an amazing pattern flow with spotted legs and pawsand broken tabby M. He is the largest in the litter and was the quietest (unless it's his first pictures, LOL). He has now become a very vocal boy. He was the last to open his eyes and is completely content napping all day long. He is not quite as adventurous as his brothers, but he will go out and explore at his comfort level. At 5 weeks old, he survived his first nail clipping with little complaint. He has since protested every clipping. LOL Reserved

Porthos is a male seal silver lynx point spotted tabby. He was born pure white, but as you can see his pattern is developing into a dark coloring, similar to his mink brothers. I can assure you, he is a lynx though. Porthos is the loudest of his siblings and also the smallest. He was not a fan of his first picture day, nor his second, and protested for a short while. He was the first to show interest in raw at 4 weeks old and survived his first nail clipping at 5 weeks old. He is the first to greet me and sit in my lap. He loves pets and teaser wands. Reserved

Aramis is a male seal silver mink spotted tabby. His pattern started out very clustered but has broken up as he grows. Unlike his brothers, he did not mind his first picture day. He was interested and curious, sat still for his portrait and side profile photos. He tends to look at me when taking random kitten pictures as well. He was the first to venture away from the pen and looks forward to adventure. He is often racing around the cat room with such bravado. This boy loves to explore! He is courageous and fearless and wants to be a part of the play action. However he is not a fan of being held and cuddled. He also survived his first nail clipping at 5 weeks old and only protested for a short while. Reserved

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