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NeverEnding Story Litter

DOB: 1 September 2020

Azana 2.JPG
CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube Photo Credit S

            Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals          X          CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube

Empress is the only female in this litter. She is a seal silver lynx spotted tabby. Her pattern is warming up and showing some nice spots that are rosetting. I love the varied sizes of her spots, her spotted back legs and how quickly her pattern is darkening with her clear whited background. She seems to be quite the princess. Empress is a very fitting name for this little diva as she is definitely sassy. She is shy and not as sure as her brothers at first, but she warms up quickly. She has learned to love getting pets and doesn't mind being picked up and carried for a short while. She loves to play with spring toys and wrestle with her brothers. I look forward to watching her pattern and personality develop more. SOLD 

Elysian Azana of SierraNVBengals and CH SimplyBlessed Ice Cube welcomed 4 beautiful

kittens, a silver lynx girl, a silver lynx boy, and 2 silver mink boys on September 1, 2020.

All kittens from this litter have found their perfect homes.

Bastion is a male seal silver lynx spotted tabby. His spotted pattern is developing nicely. His pattern is not as dark as his sister, but he has some nice spotted back legs as well. He has a nice thick medium sized tail. He is quite the explorer and is the first to greet me at the door. He is also the first to demand my attention by hanging onto my legs or sitting/laying on my feet. He loves his pets and being held. SOLD

Atreyu is a male seal silver mink spotted tabby. His pattern has larger open rosettes than Empress and Falkor. He has some great spotted back legs. He also has beautiful broken tail rings, giving it a checkered appearance. He is quite the adventurer and enjoys climbing the cat towers and hanging off the edges. He was the first to find interest in raw and is always the first one to start eating at meal times. He is not a fan of nail trimmings. He is also quite vocal and protests to being picked up, especially at play time. He is a free spirit. He enjoys running on the cat wheel and frolicking with toys. SOLD

Falkor is a male seal silver mink spotted tabby. He has good spotted pattern that are developing into nice arrowhead rosettes. His back is spotted and does not contain any dorsal stripes. He has round eyes and some nice puffy whisker pads and may even inherit his dad's nose leather. Such a cute nose! Falkor was the largest kitten at birth and remains the largest. Falkor enjoys naps more than his siblings. He doesn't mind napping by himself or with others. He talks to me when waking from naps or when he is just relaxing. He also enjoys back/butt scratches. Falkor also doesn't mind being held and cuddled. His favorite toys are feather toys, toy mice, and the original cat dancer.  SOLD

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