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Comic Book Villians Litter

DOB: 1 February 2024

Gin Blossom Photo Credit_ Monique Peden_Sierra NV Bengals

                  SierraNV Gin Blossom                   X   DOKOCats Sara Unique Edition of Miranda's Ranch

SierraNV Gin Blossom (aka Ari) and DOKOCats Sara Unique Edition of Miranda's Ranch (aka Gunner) welcomed 4 beautiful

kittens; two silver spotted boys, a brown spotted boy, and a silver spotted girl on February 1, 2024.

Kittens will be made available to waiting list first. Pictures to come.

Thanos is a silver spotted male with large rosettes. He has a very nice head shape, strong chin,  and puffy whisker pads. 



Ghost is a silver spotted male with a very interesting pattern, it appears to be splotchy but is very unique. I am excited to watch it develop. He does not have a tabby "M," has a really nice head shape (top skull and back skull), strong chin, and lovely whisker pads. 



Harley is a silver spotted tabby female with larger rosettes. She has a nice pattern flow, nice top skull and back skull, strong chin, and cute puffy whisker pads. 



Lex is a brown spotted male with larger rosettes. He has a nice head shape, really strong chin, and nice whisker pads. He is the most curious and was the first to leave the nest.



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